Oil Change Service Near Charlottesville, VA

Quick & Easy Oil Change Service In Bedford

One of the easiest and most important things you can do to make sure your car keeps running at peak performance is to get regularly scheduled oil changes. While it is easy and cheap to do, a large number of drivers fail to keep their oil changed and end up severely damaging their vehicle for it. While most new vehicles will alert you as to when your car is due for a change, not all will. Keep in mind, though, that most cars require an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Keep Your Car Running Healthy

Consider oil to be the lifeblood of your car. With it, your car will run smoother, faster, and longer. But without it, your engine will heat up and can eventually destroy itself. Oil acts as the cooling agent inside of your engine keeping it cool as you drive. By changing your oil regularly, you will keep your car running at its peak performance no matter how many miles you put on it.

If you haven't had your oil changed recently, schedule a trip to Berglund Ford of Bedford today.

When you visit Berglund of Bedford's service center, you will always receive an honest and straightforward assessment of your vehicle. If your car hasn't been serviced in a while, we recommend getting it checked properly with The Works. Our complete vehicle checkup includes an oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection, fluid-top off, battery test, filter check, hose check and more!

If you only need an oil change, schedule an appointment online today. Our friendly staff will always complete your oil change in a timely and affordable matter. Make sure your car runs in tip top shape mile after mile when you schedule an appointment with Berglund Ford of Bedford, today.

Oil Change Specials

Is it time to change the oil in your car? If so, take a look at all of our online service specials today so that you can save on your car maintenance. We only use high-grade motor oil when replacing your oil, ensuring your car stays running like new.

At Berglund Ford of Bedford, we can handle all of your vehicle service needs. From brake checks and oil changes to anything else you may need, let our professional technicians handle it for you. Discover why Virginia drivers turn to Berglund Ford of Bedford for all of their vehicle needs, today!

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